A home at last!

Posted on 2010-03-31 22:35 in Blog

After many years adrift in the ocean of the Internet, my iceberg has finally run aground. That's right, I now have my vary own website. It has literally been years in the making. Over the past several years, I have put together a dozen or so small websites for fun. I wrote one for my anime group, Kitsune-Udon, the Agnostic club I was a member of while in college, a warehouse containing my anime collection, and several other small projects. In addition, I've also had two unsuccessful blogs from different providers.

Finally, I have a single place to collect all my various pieces of data. My plan is for this site to be a dump of everything that is me. I'll blog about my interests, discuss my current job happenings, share my thoughts with the rest of the software community, and hopefully gain a following which I can use to conquer the world. One subscriber at a time...