This page details the progression of small projects and websites that I’ve work on (either privately or through university) over the past several years. Several of the projects were completed and are used by myself through today, while others were abandoned years ago with little prospect of ever being completed. All of the projects are listed in chronological order of when they began, starting with the most recent.

Time Project Description Links
Coding Challenge: Advent of Code I worked on and completed the 2017 challenges
Coding Challenge: The head of security at work in 2014 got me into the id0 coding challenge. A series of security related problems to be solved.
Coding Competition: Iceberg Races Hosted Link to blog post
Coding Competition: ACM BMMO Hosted Link to blog post
ACM Presentations talked about phyiscal layer communications and microprocessors host in google docs?
Bandwidth Utilization Tool Built when in disagreement with ISP over "allowed" usagages.
JS Viewer First real application, while in college. No longer have a copy.
Rubix Cube How To site with instructions on how to solve the cube
Kitsune Udon website for anime club with friends in high school