Competition Update

Posted on 2009-02-24 23:56 in Blog

It’s official, I’m going to be hosting a programming tournament at my old college. I’ve completed the initial contacts. Members from the ACM are going to take care of advertising and reserving the room, so all I have to do is show up with a working program. I’m going to have to kick it into overdrive to be sure to finish in time.

The only major feature I have left to implement is scoring. To do this, I have to first decide how many points each activity is worth. Another item I have left is creating the maps the students will be playing. I don’t forsee that being much of a problem. I have not yet performed any stress testing, so I’m not sure if the server can take the load of up to 20 clients playing at the same time. This will be easier to test once I have implemented an AI of my own.