New Site Management Platform

Posted on 2017-10-04 16:00 in Blog

My blog has its genesis in 2010, almost 8 years ago. Early on, I was very active posting little tidbits of knowledge and interesting facts that I had learned. As time passed, I got wrapped up in other activities and posting to the blog fee by the wayside. Eventually, my most common action on the blog was logging in to reject spam comments and upgrade the Wordpress installation.

I had selected Wordpress early on because of the ease of management, and plefora of themes to choose from. As time passed, even that became neglected.

Recently, I received notice from my webhost that I had exceeded my storage allowance. I found this curious, as I had not made any changes in months. It turns out the problem was related to the size of the email boxes I didn’t know I had, and the auto-generated visitor status reports that were being made monthly. Clearing out all those unused stuff, I was surprised to learn I was still consuming over 30MB space simply with the Wordpress installation.

I decided it was about time I made a change on the blog. I wanted to eliminate the overhead of ensuring that Wordpress was up to date. Additionally, I wanted to shrink the installation size of the site on my host to further reduce the likelihood of running out of space against. Finally, I wanted to play with a new piece of technology.

I decided to move to a static content site, selecting Pelican as the generator of the content. Converting the data from Wordpress to Pelican was straightforward. A quick export from Wordpress, import into Pelican, and then massaging of the article metadata; everything was back up and running in a snap.

That being said, there are still a few activities I need to complete:

  • fix broken image links in old posts
  • find a theme that I like
  • consolidate and simplify tags and "slugs"
  • fix code links or host on GitHub (preferred)