Reddit Secret Santa 2010

Posted on 2010-12-02 17:01 in Blog

The snow is flying, Christmas music can be heard on the radio, and thousands of Redditers are decending upon online retailers everywhere. Thanks right, time for Reddit Secret Santa 2010.

I really enjoyed the gift exchange last year. I was assigned a local redditer. I gathered up some interesting stuff: dark chocolate orange, set of Russian shot glasses, two puzzle mystery sets, and giant coffee mug. Wrapped everything up and hand delivered it. It was a blast. Two weeks later, my gift arrived in the mail: seasons one and two of the IT Crowd. An absolutely hilarious show.

Yesterday, I logged onto the Secret Santa site to learn who my match was this year. This year, it is a Redditer out on the coast, so I don’t plan on hand delivering the package. I read through their comment history but didn’t get a good feel for what they like. There was a comment regarding the difficulty of finding a few different kinds of candy. For my gift, I plan on sending them a small box of candy, making an Orange-Red envelope, and ordering them a box from SomethingStore.

Christmas is such a great time of year, and I’m glad that I can be someone’s Santa again.

Thought of the day:


1) Santa exists

2) There is a GIANT conspiracy involving thousands of parents, teachers and friends throughout the entire world to lie to children and deliver presents.

Which one is more likely?