T-minus two days

Posted on 2010-04-07 19:48 in Blog

Two short days until competition day. I've spent the last several months developing an idea for a programming competition game, implementing the game, documenting, and organizing participants/ sponsors. It all comes to a head on Friday (April 9th).

I just got word from the chair of the NDSU ACM (organization that I'm hosting the competition through) that we have 16 registered competitors from two different local colleges. Quite a step up from last year where only 8 competitors arrived. I'm beginning to worry that my game is not going to be complex enough for the people who arrive.

Last year, the number one complaint was the game was too complex. They said five hours was not enough time to learn how to play the game to build a functional AI. So, for this year, I drastically simplified the exposed surface area of the game (details to be announced after the competition).